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Elisa May Jacobs by sumerjoy11
Elisa May Jacobs
Basic Information

Full Name: Elisa May Jacobs

Pronunciation: EL-LEE-SAW (May should be easy to pronounce)

Meaning: The name "Elisa" means "consecrated to God".

Nicknames: Elisa May goes by that name, or just Elisa. She has a couple of different nicknames. Patty gives her the name "Red", because of her hair. Her father often calls her "Ellie", which Patty eventually starts calling her as well.

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (She's a couple of years younger than Renai. So, in Chronicles, Renai would be 18, and would be 16.)

Birthday: September 14

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Orientation: Straight

Birthplace: Texas

Nationality: American

Native Language: English

Species: Human


Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark burgundy

Skin Tone: Pale, fair skin

Height: 5'4

Weight: 148 lbs.

Physical Description: Elisa May is about the average height and weight for a girl her age. She's a tad bit shorter than Renai

Physical Qualities: Elisa May has a slender body, and is at the average height and weight of a girl her age. She even gained some muscle from working so hard around her ranch.

Physical Flaws: Elisa May isn't too fond of her freckles. She feels like they give her a "childish" look, and absolutely hates when people point them out.

Casual Outfit: Red plaid button down shirt, denim jeans, tan working boots, and a black scarf

Association With Others

Elliott Jacobs (Father): Living
Estelle Littleton/Jacobs (Mother): Deceased; Died from a tragic car accident
Tank (Pet Golden Retriever): Living

Friends: Tank, Patty, Clay (Eventually), Renai (Eventually)

Love Interest: During a trip to the market, Elisa May bumps into Patty. The two start a conversation. Patty tells her of how he's into technology, how his family frowns upon him for it, and how he practically is stuck doing most of the work around his ranch since Clay was at the temple. He goes on to tell her how jealous he is of Clay, which leads Elisa May to believe that Clay is the bad guy in this situation, since she has no siblings to relate. At first, Elisa May is judgmental of Patty, pointing out his rather squeaky voice and she too not finding sense in him working with computers. The two continuously meet in the market, and begin warming up to each other. Elisa May only had her father and Tank to talk to, so she felt it was nice to have a friend. However, when she felt she was developing feelings for him, she wanted those feelings to go away, since she didn't want to grow close to anyone outside of her family. She accidentally gives Patty inspiration for his Super Cow Patty alter ego, and shows concern for him when he tells her he's leaving to find his brother. During his absence, Elisa May grows to miss him, which she hates herself for. When he comes back, however, she eventually lets herself grow closer to him, and a relationship blossoms.


Clay - When Patty tells her about Clay, she grows to dislike him when she assumes that he's a terrible older brother. However, when she finally meets him, and learns that he and Patty made amends, she grows to like him. She eventually looks up to him as kind of a brotherly figure, along with Renai as a sister.

Enemies: Willow/Shadow, Jack Spicer, Wuya, Chase Young, Tubbimara, Katnappe, Hannibal Roy Bean, Pandabubba, Sibini, Gigi, Mala Mala Jung, Dyris, etc.


Personality: Elisa May isn't your average girl. Being the only daughter of a farmer, Elisa May does quite a large amount of work, not only on the ranch, but inside her home as well. Elisa May is very hard working, so she doesn't mind the labor. She enjoys being active and doesn't mind getting dirty. Elisa May actually considers being dirty something to be proud of. She is a quick thinker, but also very opinionated. She also doesn't take kindly to being proven wrong. Elisa May also is rather impulsive, and acts instead of thinking. She can also be stubborn and sarcastic. Elisa May is a bit masculine, and doesn't enjoy people treating her like a common "brainless" girl.

Biography: Elisa May was born on September 14. Being silly parents, they purposely gave their daughter a name that started with E to match their own. They were overjoyed to have a daughter in their lives. They each played with her and took good care of her. Their happy little family, however, would be torn apart when Elisa May turns six years old. Elliott's precious wife was killed in a car accident. From that day on, the father never forgot the tragedy, and made sure to keep his daughter safe at all costs. He didn't trust her going to public school, so he had her home schooled. He wouldn't allow her to play outside unless he was able to keep an eye on her. When Tank came into the picture, Elisa May had a little more freedom since she had a dog as her protection. Elliott trusted Tank greatly, and knew he would keep his daughter safe. However, whenever Elisa May brought up her dream to travel around the world, Elliott would tell her she would need to come up with a new dream, since he would never allow her to travel alone, and Texas was good enough of a home. Elisa May helps her father around his ranch, and she does most of the cleaning in the house. When going to the market, Elliott always drives her there, ignoring her pleas to learn how to drive on her own. Eventually, Elisa May meets Patty Bailey on one of her market trips, and starts a relationship with him, much to her father's chagrin.

Hobbies: Working, playing the harmonica, star gazing, playing with Tank

Talents: Playing the harmonica

Likes: Fresh air, working, animals, getting dirty, playing with Tank, going out on her own

Dislikes: Being treated like the stereotypical girl, having her freckles pointed out, being wrong, computers, make up, perfume, nail polish

Pet Peeves: People treating her as the stereotypical girl, and pointing out her freckles.

Fear: Losing the people she loves; Getting too close to people

Dream Occupation: Zoologist

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Pecan pie

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Book(s): Elisa May doesn't have any particular favorites. She enjoys reading travel books and learning about different countries around the world. She also likes to learn about different animals from various books.

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Emotional Qualities: Elisa May is an optimistic girl. She has her own dreams, and will stop at nothing to achieve them. She's loyal to those she cares for, and will do almost anything to give them a hand. She's also a very hard worker and loves to be active.

Emotional Flaws: While Elisa May has her positive traits, she also possesses quite a few flaws. She can be very sarcastic and opinionated. If you don't agree with what she says, you'll be in for a long discussion. She also is stubborn, which often times gets her into trouble with her father.

Habits/Mannerisms: Usually when she's stressed, impatient or in thought, Elisa May runs a hand through her hair, letting out a sigh.

Scent: For some reason, Elisa May often has the scent of cinnamon on her.

Facts About

- Elisa May's mother, Estelle, was killed when her daughter was six years old. Estelle was on her way to the market to sell some wares when a truck spiraled out of control on the road. The truck ran into her and flipped her car, killing her upon impact. Since this tragedy, Elliott has become overprotective of his daughter. Elisa May misses her mother greatly, but doesn't allow the tragedy to stop her from having a wonderful life.

- Tank wound up on Elisa May's ranch as a puppy, being washed away in a flood. rescued him and took him into her home when she was about 11 years old. As Tank was taken care of, Elliott decided to let his daughter keep the puppy, since he saw how fond she was off him. Since then, Elisa May and Tank are as close as close can be. Tank helps her work around the ranch, comforts her when she's upset, and follows her almost anywhere.

- Almost every night, Elisa May looks to the north star and talks to her mother, whom she hopes is listening to her.

- Elisa May keeps a Golden Retriever plush with a pouch. She has so when Tank passes away, she can keep his ashes in the plush's pouch and have him near her at all times.

- Beneath her shirt, Elisa May wears a gold, heart shaped locket with a picture of her and her mother in it. She keeps a picture of her and her father on the other side.


"You work with them computer whatsamagigs? Have you got a life?"

"C'mon Tank! Let's show daddy how the power of teamwork!"

"What in the Sam Hill is the matter with your voice? Ya sound like ya swallowed a huge chunk of helium." (She says this to Patty when she first meets him.)

"If you call my freckles cute one more time, I'll gladly knock your teeth out with my boot."

"There's a whole chunk of world out there bigger than Texas itself, and someday, I'm gonna see it all."

"Well, you're wrong, so man up and deal with it."

"Mama, I know you're up there, and I hope I'm makin' ya proud."

This is my newest OC, Elisa May! I bought her as an adoptable. I thought she would be cute for me to have. I hope you guys like her. I may go back and edit her outfits, but this is all I got for now.

Blank base:…


Xiaolin Chronicles © Christy Hui

Elisa May © Me

Base © :iconxs-is-the-shiz:
Just bought an adoptable for the first time. I'm actually excited to come up with stuff for her. I already have 3 possibilities as to what I'll use her for. :)


United States
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Hello and welcome to my profile!

I am a HUGE fan of the Disney crossover couple, Dodger/Angel. (Dodgel!) I just find them to be so cute together! Really, two street wise dogs as a couple? Eeeeeeeeeee! I also support Dodger/Rita too. :D

My favorite Disney movie is Oliver & Company. Also, my favorite Disney character is Dodger. He's just so.... what's the word? AWESOME! Oliver & Company is such a cute movie. I cannot believe how underrated it is! How could anyone not like such an adorable movie? Oh well, their loss. They're just missing out on Dodger and his swag....:P

Besides Disney, I also love Total Drama. It's such a fun series to watch. I love making TD art since the designs of the characters are so easy to make. My favorite character would have to be DJ or Ella. DJ's just so lovable, and Ella is just so adorable! :3

I also really love Xiaolin Showdown! It's such a cool show! I even made my own OCs for it. Their names are Renai, Melody, Daryl, Ember, Makani, and Millie. My favorite character has to be ♥Clay Bailey♥. He's the best cowboy ever! Not to mention he's also really cute, strong, kind-hearted, and brave. You rarely find a guy like him in this world. :iconclaybaileyplz: I'm so excited about Xiaolin Chronicles, even though I heard the characters are gonna be a lot different than before. Nevertheless, I'm still eager to see the show.

:heart: Stamps :heart:
Clay Stamp by XS-Is-The-Shiz Clay Fan Stamp 1 by xsfan101 Clay Stamp 2 by xsfan101 Stamp: I heart cowboys :D by rainbowonfire RenaiStamp by XS-Is-The-Shiz XS OC Support Stamp by XS-Is-The-Shiz OC Support Stamp .:2:. by XS-Is-The-Shiz Dark Roses Stamp by WhosMyArtist Xiaolin Showdown Stamp.:Large:. by XS-Is-The-Shiz Rai-Kim Stamp by Allendra3 ChasexWuya Stamp by XS-Is-The-Shiz Bender stamp. by crazykitkatlove ::Dodger stamp:: by SugarNoms Angel Fan Avatar by Aiyana-Kopa Pro Crossover Pairs (STAMP) by IloveHersheysSoMuch OC Pairings - Stamp by Astanine stamp - Jim+Ariel FAN by Moony92 TWD Game Stamp by angelbebop8 I :HEART: Daryl Stamp by risaXrisa The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps Team Daryl Stamp by SGStamps Heat Miser--I'm Too Much by schematization
In attempt to bring myself out of boredom, and hopefully get more motivation back, I'll try to do a few art trades. Keep in mind that I'm rather picky with who I trade with. If I don't talk with you much, don't even know you, or absolutely hate your guts, I won't be trading with you. As for pictures I don't make, well, you can see that here:… Usually, I only do Xiaolin art, but to make this interesting, I'll accept Total Drama and South Park related requests. I think I'll only do about 10 trades. If the number of people commenting is high, I may bump up the number a bit. Remember, I only upload my part when you upload yours first, so I know I'm not being ripped off. The longer you take on your part, the longer I take on mine.

Art Trades

1. :iconharvestbee:/Drawing of "Cocoa" :iconcheckmarkplz:

2. :iconxiaolins:/Chaeris

3. :iconladydayligth:/Mihai and Zayda

4. :iconkiwikat96:/Laurack

5. :iconsapphire9089:/Trent and Gretchen

6. :icononchristmaseve:/Renai and his OC :iconcheckmarkplz:






I got about 4 open spaces if anyone else is interested in trading. Remember to PLEASE read what I have above so you know how I roll with art trades.

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